Shihan Online Best of 2007 Awards

Sorry kids, no real Golden Globes this year, but you don’t have to wait until the Academy Awards. The Shihan Online „Best of 2007 Awards“ are here to shorten your waiting time. Yes I know, my votes are a little biased, but hey.. it’s my blog, it’s my opinion 🙂 and yes I know, some titles are older and not exactly from this year…

Ok here we go:

Best movie
The Bourne Ultimatium
(2.) The Simpsons Movie
(3.) Die Hard 4

Best show
Veronica Mars (R.I.P.)
(2.) Heroes
(3.) Battlestar Galactica

Best band
Nine Inch Nails
(2.) Fauxliage
(3.) Ivy

Best song
Fauxliage – Let It Go
(2.) Ivy – Edge Of The Ocean
(3.) Arcade Fire – No Cars Go

Best game
MTA – San Andreas
(2). war§ow
(3). Battlefield 2142

Best news
Edmund Stoiber resigns
(2.) Christoph Blocher „resigns“ 😉
(3.) Germany wins 2007 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Best event
Nine Inch Nails @ Volkshaus Zurich (and getting a tinnitus)

Your harsh comments are always welcome 😉