USA roundtrip – photos now online

Finally I’ve made it, the photos from my 3 week roundtrip through the west of the USA (mainly California but also some parts of Arizona and Nevada) are now online in my image gallery.

It was really a great time in the USA and I hope I can go back there sometime.

Pictures which stand out and have been edited to look even better can be found here: Premium photos
Normal snapshots can be found when you follow this link: Snapshots

The premium photos are also online on my deviantArt account, where you can post comments, save them as favorites and much much more:

Check them out and tell me what you think 🙂

Road trip in California

At the end of July two friends and I will fly to the USA, LAX if you want to have it exactly. We will stay there three weeks and have planned to make a round trip. Hopefully we will see various interesting places on our way and at the stops like Las Vegas, Grand Canyon or San Diego.

Here is a not so detailed overview of our route:

ca round trip map

According to Yahoo! Maps (the tool that created this map) we will have to travel nearly 2200 miles. We are currently reservating hotels or motels at some of the more important places, where it could be difficult to find one when we will be already there.

More informations will follow… someday 😉