ProSieben will show „Kyle XY“

Kyle XYAccording to ProSieben is going to show „Kyle XY“ sometime in the near future.

„Kyle XY“ is being produced for ABC Family. In the USA they are currently in the mid-season break of the second season. The first season had 13 episodes (when I can remember correctly) and the second season will have arround 20-24.

In the show you follow the life of Kyle (played by Matt Dallas), a boy arround 17 years old who wakes up in the woods with no memories of his past. His memories are not the only thing he is missing, he also lacks of a belly button. There are no standalone episode, every episode is there to fill pieces of a bigger picture. During his search for his past he joins the family tragger, who are trying to support him and find out what happend to him. Not everyone is as nice as the traggers, there are some evil forces who have their own plan for Kyle.

Well I must say I’ve already seen all episodes that aired so far and I really like the show. Sometimes it’s a bit to much „Seventh Heaven“ for my taste, to much whining and „oh come into my arms boy, I forgive you“, but overall it’s really good. It’s one of those shows where you want to know more after each episode to see what will happen next.

So give it a try and watch it when it will be aired on ProSieben but currently there are no dates set.